Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Can I have a massage whilst undergoing my treatment plan?

A.  Yes it is perfectly safe and will help with your wellbeing.   There are only a few reasons why a treatment would not be suitable which I am able to guide you on.

Q.  I suffer from very dry flaky skin are these treatments suitable for me?

A. All of the treatments and products have specifically designed and formulated using only natural  and organic ingredients  to deal with the side effects of cancer treatments one of which is very dry skin.

Q. Do I have to provide a doctor’s note in order to book a treatment?

A  No a doctors note is not required, due to the specialist training I have undergone and the insurance I have you do not need to have a doctors note.

Q. Are the treatments only available for people with cancer?

A.  All of the treatments and Jennifer young products are also suitable for people with sensitive /dry skin and contain fantastic anti-ageing properties.

Q Are these treatments for women only?

A. All of the Jennifer young treatments are designed to be suitable for both men and women.

If you have any questions however silly they may seem just give me a call on 07958912741 and I am happy to talk you through our treatments.